June 2006

June 2006

Dear Photonics Professionals

In the past Month


We added to our portfolio:


–         Touch screens and modules

–         Patch Cords


Our existing suppliers announced:


–         Mu-Metal Foil for Price effective isolation from www.photonis.com

–         3-5um and 8-12um optics on ZnSe, Silicon, and Germanium from www.opal-optique.fr

–         Extended InGaAs detectors 2.2 and 2.6um  from www.gpd-ir.com

–         200-1100nm Open Electrode Camera from www.dta.it

–         Complete Machine Vision applications from www.lumenera.com

–         The LW-295 and LW-235 fast sensitive 2M cameras from www.lumenera.com

–         Opto-Mechanics New pricelist effective of www.opmount.com.tw

–         www.chroma.com invites to receive obtained images using Chroma filters, to be used on ads, t-shirt, or in a calendar, for which you may be credited in full and your work will be seen world-wide. Ask us on more info

–         Lectures on Mass spectrometry (TOFMS) and Electron Multipliers from the ASMS 2006 available from www.burle.com and a list of latest developments is displayed below

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