June 2010

June 2010

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IL Photonics​​ and​​ RM Photonics​​ merged and present from now on a joined newsletter. The newsletter will continue to carry the name​​ IL Photonics​​ newsletter.



LiNbO3 (Lithium Niobate) wafers and components​​ are​​ available in various sizes.



Videology announces an enhanced version of its popular​​ 20D389​​ B&W camera board. An optional fast shutter speed control has been added to make more complex high speed applications possible. Changes to the speed can be implemented within one field.


Shutter speeds can vary from 1/200th to 1/100,000th of a second.

Videology’s​​ 20D389FS​​ is an excellent choice for applications such as license plate detail capture at high speeds, bar code data on ships arriving in ports, or information on special government vehicles. Data is imaged within a small field of view. It is easily achieved even with varying levels of illumination, plate reflectivity, or shadows.

A specific I²C interface detail is supplied so the OEM can create the appropriate interface schema to optimize our capability.

All​​ prospects with​​ high volume applications are welcome to call for sales and support.​​ 


Lasers / Light sources


New Offerings from Princeton Optronics


10W 532nm low noise​​ (Finesse) from​​ LaserQuantum


The Finesse 10 from Laser Quantum is the well-established, high-power 532nm CW laser of choice, widely used for Ti:Sapphire pumping worldwide. With new improved noise specifications, the Finesse now boasts <0.15% rms and maintaining the stability to 0.1% making the finesse an ideal selection for the photonics community. Further to this Laser Quantum now offer a full 5 year warranty as standard to our scientific customers, giving peace of mind and strengthening our confidence in the finesse's consistently high reliability since its launch 6 years ago.​​ The finesse specifications have been improved noise is <0.15% (rms) and power stability <0.1% (rms) – a new specification sheet is available.

To celebrate the improved specification and ‘show off’ quality and high reliability​​ we are now offering 5 years/15,000 hours​​ warranty​​ on all academic sales!



Datasheets of Photonis USA (including MCP EM-Tubes and related detectors) are now available from IL Photonics.




New​​ Radiometers​​ to be announced shortly from International Light:

ILT801​​ is temporarily under development


The ILT801 had a small dynamic range of about 3.5 decades, which many customers found limiting so we are considering two options and would like your feedback.


The ILT802 would be just like the ILT801. Allow continuous simultaneous monitoring of up to​​ 8 sensors with one meter, or 16 with 2 meters.  It would expand the dynamic range of the​​ ILT801 from 3.5 to approx. 4.5 decades and does not require a separate meter purchase. ​​ 


The ILT803 is a multiplexer that allows you to connect 8 sensors to one ILT1700 allowing the full 10 decade dynamic range. Using software controls you can set the time of measurement (time between switching to the next sensor) and control how many/which channels would be activated. (All sensors cannot read at the same time like the ILT801).


The ILT802 benefits, Simultaneous measurement. Lower total system cost.

ILT803 benefits,​​ broader sensor selection, greatly increased dynamic range.


ILT802 disadvantages, Small dynamic range. Customer must know and accurately set the upper measurement limit,​​ smaller calibration range capabilities, only works with ILT solid state detectors.


ILT803 disadvantages. Requires 8 seconds to measure 8 sensors​​ at a 1 second transfer rate, requires the purchase of the ILT1700.



Raptor introduces a​​ R3​​ Raman Engine​​ -​​ Compact and rugged EMCCD based imaging spectrograph​​ (More details in the featured company section).


Other news:

IL Photonics​​ and​​ RM Photonics​​ merger

After 2 years of growing cooperation IL Photonics and RM photonics agreed this month to merge completely. The joined operation will continue as IL Photonics BSD ltd. Moshe Bril will operate as general manager and Meir Chazon will join as sales manager together with Eli Vilge who continues as sales engineer and other employees of IL Photonics. Meanwhile the joined operation will keep a small office in Makabim together with the head quarters in Beit Shemesh.


New Section:

CV or​​ 

קורות חיים

At the bottom of the newsletter we will make room for anonymous CV of people searching for opportunities in the field of electro-optics. This service will be done free of charge to people that request this from us. We reserve the right not to publish this for whatever reason.  If you are interest to contact the person described in the CV you should respond to the e-mail with a request to get personal detailed of the person described under his or her specific code. This Month we already publish the first CV accordingly (at the bottom of the newsletter).



Featured company​​ 


Raptor Photonics


Raptor Photonics Limited is a high tech company based in Northern Ireland, which was established in September 2006. Its main focus is to design, manufacture and sell the next generation of high performance, cutting edge, low light level digital cameras. Products promoted include:


EMCCD Cameras

Merlin Cameralink and GigE

Merlin EM247-CL and EM246-CL

Merlin Analogue and USB

Merlin EM247-AS and EM246-AS


The smallest and most rugged

EMCCD camera in the world.


High Resolution EMCCD


Customized EMCCD Solution

Raptor Photonics also offers fully customized camera solutions.

Please click here for further details.





CV or​​ 

קורות חיים

At the bottom of the newsletter we will make room for anonymous CV of people searching for opportunities in the field of electro-optics. This service will be done free of charge to people that request this from us. We reserve the right not to publish this for whatever reason.  If you are interest to contact the person described in the CV you should respond to the e-mail with a request to get personal detailed of the person described under his or her specific code.​​ 


D.O.B.:​​ March 27, 1981

Languages:​​ English​​ (native), Hebrew, partial Arabic

Citizenship:​​ American, Israeli


Work Experience and Higher Education

2009-2010 -​​ Mechanical/Control engineer and Vice President – Agrosif Ltd. Novel Agricultural Machinery (http://www.agrosif.com)

2008-2009​​ – Mechanical Design Engineer – K.A.L.M. Manufacturing Engineering (http://www.kalm.co.il)

2007-2008​​ – Research Assistant in medical optics – Negev Monte Carlo Research Institute (http://nmcrc.sce.ac.il)

2007​​ – M.Sc.​​ in Mechanical Engineering – Technion, Haifa, Israel. Thesis title: Dynamic Stability of All Terrain Vehicles – supervised by Prof. Elon Rimon and Prof. Zvi Shiller

2003-2006​​ – Researcher in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory – Ariel University Center, Ariel, Israel

2002-2003​​ – Matriculation courses toward a Masters in Mechanical Engineering – Technion

1998-2002​​ – B.Sc. In Applied Physics – State University of New York (Empire State College)


Awards and Grants:

2004-2006​​ – Research Grant – Israeli Space Agency

2003-2004​​ – Scholarship of Excellence – Lady Davis Fund


Specialized Knowledge and Experience in the Following areas:

Scientific:​​ numerical methods, mechanical drafting and design, vehicle dynamics, computational mechanics, robotics (stability and grasping theory), control systems (nonlinear, PID, H∞, adaptive, digital, LQR), hydraulic systems, agricultural machinery, fiber optics, computer graphics, programming

Miscellaneous:​​ Hebrew↔English Translation, Web Page Design, Technical Writing, Finance


Computer Languages:​​  MATLAB, Simulink, C/C++/C#, HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, LaTex (document compilation), OpenGL


Hardware:​​ PLUS+1 GUIDE Controller & DP600 Screen (Sauer Danfoss Inc.), CAN+ Transmission System



Eight articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals and conferences (ICRA, IROS, RoManSy, Applied Spectroscopy)

Medical Equipment Technician Volunteer – Yad Sarah –​​ summer​​ 2003


Follow us on​​ twitter​​ http://twitter.com/ilphotonics


 If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don't include 16% VAT, special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.


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