Making Quantum Computing a Reality

Making Quantum Computing a Reality

The quantum computer is a game changer. Its arrival signals a paradigm shift in computing, bringing significant benefits & threats.

The differentiation between generations of classical computers was based on the size of the processing unit and the speed of each elementary operation. For theoretical computer science, Eniac, the first computer based on vacuum tubes and the most recent supercomputer are the same, just bigger and faster.

In contrast, a quantum computer is qualitatively different. It reduces exponentially the number of operations required for executing some specific tasks (for example factoring of large numbers). And the relative advantage swells, again exponentially, as the size of the input grows. So, the more complex the task, the larger the advantage.

So how will quantum computing be applied in the real world, and what are the cybersecurity implications? ID Quantique is a world leader in quantum-safe security and quantum sensing.

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December 9, 2019 Blog, Detectors, Electronics, Fiber Optics, ID Quantique, Lasers, Security