March 2005

March 2005

Subject: IL Photonics March 05 newsletter


Dear Photonics Professionals

In February

We added to our portfolio:

– Opto-Mechanical Products from

  1. 16 year Opto Mechanical excellence
  2. I expect pricing to be ~40% lower on average than popular “Western companies”
  3. More than 500 fully documented products.
  4. Please ask for a complete catalog + pricelist by replying to this e-mail and writing in the subject field: “Send Opto-Mechanics Price list and/or Catalog”.

– Fibers for the MID-Infra-Red region (~3um) from

– Diode-lasers for RAMAN applications and other products from

We upgraded:

– Our site . Enjoy the better look and additional information.

Our existing suppliers announced:

– A 12 bit, > 1280X1024 pixel camera, at a reasonable price from

– The 8 bit, 1280X1024 pixel camera LU-105-C from is available for evaluation

– 3 X brighter solutions than before from , now combining the new generation LED’s with the superior heat-sinking of Norlux.

– Limited amount of free InGaAs PD samples from

An updated product list has been attached for your reference.

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