March 2008

March 2008

New – Products


Small integrated Power Supply in a PMT assembly


LED Source 50W Green and blue


Complete Scintillation detectors and Scintillator from Scionix


IR Materials

SILICON CARBIDE is available as rough-cut blanks or as components which have been precision-machined to your specifications, it can also be grown as near-net-shape parts in such popular geometries as cones, tubes, dome shapes and honeycomb structures. Also inquire for other materials.


Media converter: IC Plus chipset, 10/100M, 10/100/1000M, 1000M, WDM and rack mode, power inside or out side, highly customized, OEM service is welcome.


Video to Fiber: TI solution, provide 1-64 channels Video signal. 0-100km and Non-compression transmission. With Audio, Data, Ethernet, Telephone channels optional. OEM service is welcome.


TDM over IP: Four E1/T1 ports supported, E1 or T1 easily selected by Web Manager; Point to point and point to multipoint supported; Local Ethernet port throughput limiting, assuring E1/T1 QoS. OEM service is welcome.


More News


New Printed Catalogs from (Opto Mechanics). Reply to this message with in the subject filed “send Opmount” to receive your copy.


Annual Israel Laser & Electro-Optics Society Workshop, 27/3/08, Bar-Ilan University
ILEOS (Israel Laser & Electro-Optics Society) is organizing its annual one day workshop on recent advances in Fiber Lasers as well as the presentations on the Bio-Photonics and Optronics programs supported by the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports. The workshop will also be sponsored by LEOS – IEEE, the Israel Association of Engineers & Architects and the Israel Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports. The workshop will include a distinguished plenary lecture as well as topical presentations. 
IL Photonics will participate as an exhibitor. The symposium is free of charge, but advance registration is required. To register, please send an email with your Name, Affiliation, Telephone Number and e-mail address to Ms. Sara Cohen or 02-5411135.


Featured Company


With Function Focused Innovation “Abet “brings sate of the art technology to several product families they manufacture including:


Xe Arc Lamp Sources 

Compact, innovative, integrated 150 watt Xe light sources with fast F/1.0 fused silica condensers for spectroscopy and fiber illumination. A wide range of accessories is available for manipulating the output of our sources including focusing condensers, filter wheels and optics for secondary beam focusing and spectral shaping. 

 Solar Simulators 

CW Xe arc lamp based Solar Simulators with field sizes up to 8 X 8 inch. Highly efficient innovative optical system offers increased levels of uniform illumination. Full spectrum and standard spectra models for photovoltaic testing and UV erythemal edge dependent applications. 

Single Channel Detectors 

Detection systems for UV to Near IR regions of the spectrum including built-in Lock-in amplifier models. Available detectors include Si, InGaAs, Si-InGaAs Sandwich, and pyroelectric.  USB connectivity, ActiveX interface for easy integration into your application, single or dual16 bit A/D, with supporting data acquisition and control software. Easy adaptation to scanning Monochromator systems. 


Standard optics include dichroic mirrors, filters, and illumination grade lenses in fused silica and BSC glass up to 300 mm (12 inch) diameter. 

OEM Products 

Innovative independent modules from our line of arc based light sources and solar simulators that allow easy and cost effective integration for OEM’s.


If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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