May 2005

May 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals,

In April:

We added to our portfolio:


– Sapphire parts from


Our existing suppliers announced:


– A 365nm LED-Array for UV-Curing applications ~50,000 hours lifetime from

– 2. 6um extended InGaAs Photodiodes from

– A camera for both day and night images from Lumenera as in

– A hard copy catalog available from . Please reply to this message and write in the subject field: “Mail hard copy Chroma Catalog”.

– An additional ~30% discount on our optics catalog for parts ordered at qty 10 of K9 instead of BK7. For qty 1, the price remains unchanged but standard material changes to K9 instead of BK7. The Fused Silica parts remain unchanged.

– Rectangular beam shapers for CO2 lasers from as per


We further upgraded:


– Our CD, that includes now over 400MB of valuable information, about twice as much as the CD’s we distributed in March or before. Please reply to this message and write in the subject field: “Mail 400MB IL Photonics CD”.


An updated product list has been attached for your reference.

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