May 2006

May 2006

Dear Photonics Professionals

In the past Month


We added to our portfolio:


–         X-Ray Sources 4-50 KeV

–         Lasers from 730-1110nm

1.     Ridge waveguide

2.      Broad Area Lasers

3.     Tapered Laser and amplifiers

4.      DFB / DFR lasers


Our existing suppliers announced:


–         4 stage PMT from

–         1W DPSS Green Laser from

–         New spectrometer price list from

–         Cryogenic type IR detectors from

–        Low cost 3M pixel camera

–         SFP CWDM from

–         6X8 pattern generator from as per

–         Burle New articles/Posters published at the Pittcon 2006 can be views at

1.      HP-high pressure detectors

2.      RGP & RGP ion optics/reflectron

–         Standard plane gratings and efficiency curves are now available on

–         Fast Modulation Laser pointer from

–         X-Ray camera with scintillator on tapered window from

–         Price Decrease on Photon-Detectors from



NEW at IL Photonics:


An updated product list is attached


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