May 2008

May 2008

New – Products


Plastic lenses

  • Imaging lenses for mobile phone and miniature cameras
  • Laser Diode Collimating Lenses


Powerful LED’s

Standard flux order codes at 350 mA are available up to:

  • 350 mW in Royal Blue
  • 23.5 lm in Blue,
  • 67.2 lm in Green
  • 51.7 lm in Amber, Red-Orange and Red.




PON Modules

  • 1310/1550
  • CWDM


More News


USB2 Camera pricing update

(not including $85 import cost/shipment +15.5% VAT), qty discounts apply:


  • VGA (640*480)         $400 (qty 1min)
  • 1.3Mpx                   $475 (qty 2 min)
  • 5Mpx                      $700 (qty 1 min) (Color Only)
  • 6.6Mpx                   $1580 (qty 1 min)


Featured Company


The discovery of the lateral photo effect by Prof. J.T Wallmark and the development of the Position Sensing Detectors (PSD) during the sixties led to the foundation of SiTek Laboratories AB in 1976, with the aim of exploring commercial applications for the technology. Foundation took place at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and in the beginning production was carried out by the founders working part time at the university’s Institute of Solid State Electronics.

A standard Two-dimensional PSD with 4-pin ceramic package, 25,0 x 25,0 mm

Today, more than 25 years later and in a constantly expanding market, SiTek has gained a worldwide reputation as a constantly developing manufacturer of advanced PSD’s. Outstanding linearity, high resolution, high speed and excellent product quality are the main features of the SiTek products, valued indeed by top-range optronics customers.

The beginning of the nineties brought a stabilization of activities; at the same time the market began to discover the abilities of the PSD’s. A fast expansion, 30% in 1995 and 1996, occurred after the new profile and the revised name SiTek Electro Optics was introduced 1993.
However, the most important task at that period was the launch of a number of new PSD’s, with highly improved performance in hardly all criteria’s. Of those listed below, the most adequate is the NT-PSD’s, introduced 1995, with patented stray light elimination.

– PSD with enhanced capabilities to handle high light intensities
– Design software
– Position measurement electronics
– Enhanced capabilities of customized design

Now the century has turned to a new, demand for constantly improved components are growing fast and SiTek PSD’s turns out to be of good value for the optronics application producers. Looking back to another 30% raise of both production volume and profit in 1998, we are proud of being awarded Optronic Company of the Year 1999 by the Swedish Optronics Association SWEDOPTRONICS.
We believe that our intense research and development, the improved capabilities of providing customized design PSD’s means valuable benefits for our customers in their competitive markets.
Whenever you work on measurement of position, distance or motion, you should consider SiTek.

Non-Contact news-

The PSD School
Printed material

General principles
Real applications

General presentation
Standard products
Customized design
One-dimensional PSD’s
Two-dimensional PSD’s
Signal Processing Circuits

If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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