May 2010

May 2010

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New Laser-line filters series from 320nm till 1591nm. Over 400 different types are available, many with more than 90% peak transmission guaranteed.


Beam Expanders for 532nm, 1064nm and 10600nm starting at about $275 FOB.

Cameras / Imaging /Detectors


New Beam Profilers from .

-From 110nm-1600nm and 10600nm.

-Fastest high resolution in the market.

-Best performance/cost for 10600nm


Videology Releases Camera with High Speed Shutter Control

Field to field from 1/200 second to 1/100,000 second � captures fast-moving objects and information in dramatically varying scenes

HIGH SPEED SHUTTER CONTROL � Sony Ex-View Monochrome 1/3� CCD FSS changes in same field

USB FAMILY � B&W/Color, 1.3 MP, D1, VGA, 1/2�, 1/3�, 1/4�, CCD & CMOS � TWAIN, WDM, DirectX & Linux compatible

MINIATURE � 14mm x 14mm board & 17mm x 17mm box


Light sources


High power fiber coupled LED source,

1.5 times brighter than a Halogen 150W source,

10,000 hours replacement,

2 years warranty.









Particle Sizing using the id100 Single-Photon DetectorDynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is a technique commonly used to determine the size of small particles in a solution. It is also known as Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS) or Quasi-Elastic Scattering (QELS). The measurement of the light intensity scattered by particles is used to evaluate their size.
In applications where the scattered intensity is low, single-photon sensitivity is required.

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Featured company


Lumina Power


Laser Power Supplies & Electro-Optic Power Supplies

Lumina Power, Inc. manufactures a complete line of laser power supplies and Xenon arc lamp power supplies. With over twenty-five years of cumulative power supply design and manufacturing expertise, Lumina Power is able to offer standard and custom designs that solve challenging OEM applications and meet stringent agency safety and emission requirements. Lumina Power’s products include high power laser diode drivers, capacitor charging power supplies and Xenon arc lamp power supplies.




�  Diode Pumped Lasers

�  Flashlamp Pumped Lasers

�  Excimer Lasers

�  Solar Simulation

�  Ultra Violet Curing

�  Digital Projection

�  Xenon Light Sources




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