May 2011

May 2011


Multi Harmonics, fast switchable laser from 266,355,532,1064nm



Datasheet on 500mW 808nm 0.8mm dia VECSL NA=0.16



ns OPO from 1.45-1.85um and 2.4-3.9um, short pulse, 5-20mW output


Argon and Krypton lasers, 457nm, 488nm, 514nm, 568.2nm, and 647.1nm


EMCCD at VERY special price in June,

one piece allocated to the Israeli Market

• 1004 (H) x 1002 (V) Active Pixel Size (8µm x 8µm)

• 65% QE

• 16 bit CameraLink output

• up to 30Hz

• Ultra compact size: 109mm x 76mm x 76mm


IR Band pass filters

H2O (2700nm),

CH4 (3460nm),

CO2 (4260),

CO (4670nm),

CO 4670 all T> 80%,

NO (5300nm) T>70%

Other Light Sources

Heliophor, Fast color switching ultra bright light engine for fluorescence imaging.



Single photon detection module at IR wavelength, based on InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode operating

in Geiger mode.





• Multifunctional graphical display

• Two-channel auxiliary event counter

• Auxiliary coincidence counter

• Real-time statistics

• Data export via USB

• Remote control via Ethernet or USB (option)


• InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode

• Stand alone unit with integrated thermo-electric cooling

• Gating up to 100MHz

• Free Running

• Best-in-class performance

• Singlemode or multimode fiber connection

• Spectral range 900-1700 nm


• Quantum Optics

• Quantum Cryptography

• Singlet Oxygen

• Fiber Optics Measurement

• Spectroscopy

• Eye safe Lidar

• Fluorescence Lifetime


IDQ lowered pricing of the id100 products, single-photon detector modules for the visible spectral range




New Forum on Photonics in Israel


OP Mount has become one of the most prominent Opto-mechanics manufacturers in Taiwan, with 30 professional dedicated staffs in our Chung-Li City head quarter. This month they launched a new website, that allows easy surfing.



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