May 2012

May 2012

​​ Lasers



505nm Laser-diode modules






Operating from​​ 

-10 deg till +50 deg C​​ 

and​​ beyond



​​ Imaging



Lynx Low Light CMOS Sensor

Lynx 1Mpx low light level CMOS sensor.


100 fps​​ 


3.5e- read noise.​​ 


Great for day/night vision.


Response down to 5microlux


Nocturn camera using the​​ 

Lynx sensor,​​ 


1Mpx 100 fps


Sensitive cmos.​​ 


It has a CameraLink interface and can be powered from a 5V USB port


​​ Motion Control



Mercury Network

Motion Control Systems,​​ 


High speed​​ 


Highly accurate from 


now available from IL Photonics


​​ Electron guns



Electron Generator Arrays ​​ 


PHOTONIS’ patented ELECTROGEN™ Electron Generator Arrays (EGAs) consist of millions of precision glass tubes fused together to produce a uniform and mechanically rigid structure. They are processed such that, when a voltage is applied across the thickness, each pore produces a beam of electrons.



Electron Generator Arrays




Laser Power Supplies & Electro-Optic Power Supplies


Lumina Power, Inc. manufactures a complete line of laser power supplies and Xenon arc lamp power supplies. With over twenty-five years of cumulative power supply design and manufacturing expertise, Lumina Power is able to offer standard and custom designs that solve challenging OEM applications and meet stringent agency safety and emission requirements. Lumina Power's products include high power laser diode drivers, capacitor charging power supplies and Xenon arc lamp power supplies.




  Diode Pumped Lasers

  Flashlamp Pumped Lasers

  Excimer Lasers

  Solar Simulation

  Ultra Violet Curing

  Digital Projection

  Xenon Light Sources




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