New High Resolution InGaAs Beam Profiler

New High Resolution InGaAs Beam Profiler

CinCam InGaAs 1280, a high resolution 1280×1024 pixels InGaAs beam profiler, is now available from CINOGY Technologies. This beam profiler provides superb resolution and sensitivity from 400 nm to 1700 nm.

Sensor Data

Table of CinCam InGaAs 1280 sensor data

Camera Features

Table of CinCam InGaAs 1280 camera features


Table of CinCam InGaAs 1280 specifications

*Without condensation

Note: Design and specification of the described product are subject to change without notice.

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CINOGY Technologies GmbH develops, manufactures, and distributes high quality laser beam profilers and accessories for industrial and scientific applications. Typical applications include:

  • Laser beam profiling according to ISO standards
  • Quick control of laser modes and adjustment errors
  • Test equipment for industrial and scientific applications
  • Near-field and far-field analyses of lasers, LED devices, etc.

CINOGY is a spin-off from the University of Applied Science and Arts in Göttingen, Germany. Based on many years of experience, CINOGY boasts vast know-how to fulfill almost every beam profiling requirement from the UV to IR wavelength range. This enables CINOGY to determine the best solution and services to meet customer requirements. In addition, CINOGY is dedicated to maintaining the product quality, process reliability, and efficiency of their unique systems.

To request more information or a quotation for CINOGY products, contact IL Photonics.





19-Jun-2022 Blog, CINOGY Technologies, Detectors
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