November 2005

November 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals


In October


We added to our portfolio: 


        4-5um NBP and other IR  filters

        More Details on products from (Click on the product to see details)


Optical Isolator/Hybrid Isolator

1550/1590nm Optical Isolator
Multi-mode Optical Isolator

1310nm Optical Isolator

1480nm Optical Isolator

1064nm Optical Isolator

Isolator Core

Free Space Isolator
Tap/Isolator Hybrid



1480/1550 WDM+isolator+Tap

980/1550 WDM+isolator+Tap
C+L Band Optical Isolator
High Power Optical Isolator 


Optical Switch

Mechanical 1×2 Switch

Mechanical 1×4 Switch

Mems 1×2 Switch

Mems 1×4 Optical Switch
Mems 1×6 Optical Switch
Mems 1×8 Optical Switch
Mems 1×13 Optical Switch 
Mems 1×16 Optical Switch
Mems 4×4 Optical Switch
Mems 8×8 Optical Switch



CWDM Filter

CWDM Module

DWDM Module

Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer


Optical Cirulator 

3-Port Circulator

4-Port Circulator
C+L Band Optical Circulator

PM Circulator

WDM Filter

980/1550 FWDM
1480/1550 FWDM

1310/1550 FWDM



Waveguide Optics

Fiber Array/V-Groove
Waveguide Splitter


Attenuators / VOA

Inline Fixed Attenuator
Flange Fixed Attenuator

Manual Variable Optical Attenuator
Electrical Variable Optical Attenuator

Fused Coupler / Splitter

Single Mode Standard Coupler
SM Dual Window Coupler
Single Mode Wideband Coupler

Single Mode Tree/Star Coupler

Multimode Couplers

Mini 1310/1550 WDM Coupler

Mini 980/1550 WDM Coupler

Mini Coupler

1XN splitter

Jumper / Connector 

FC Connector

SC Connector
ST Connector

LC Connector

MU Connector

D4 Connector

MTRJ Connector

PM Patchcord
Waveguide Splitter

Collimator/Fiber Tip

Single/Dual Fiber collimator

PM Fiber collimator

Fiber Tip

Polarization Maintaining Product 

PM Isolator
PM Filter Coupler
PM Optical Fiber Mirror
1060nm PM Filter Coupler 
Fused PM Fiber Coupler

PM Patchcord
Optical Polarizer
PM Collimator
PM Fiter WDM

PM Circulator 


Other Product

Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter

Faraday Mirror


Our existing suppliers announced:


        Molybdenum mirrors from 

        CW 355nm Lasers from

        C-MOSImager Chips available from 


More News from IL-Photonics:


        IL Photonics Sponsors and exhibits on the workshop on Optronics in Beer Sheva on Nov 30th and Dec 1st.  A poster announcement of this event has been attached to this newsletter.

        Discounted price on LU-105-M and LU-105-C camera (1M pixel USB2 digital camera of ) if ordered before Dec 15th from IL Photonics Stock at 3888 שח + 16.5% מע”מ, CIF Beit Shemesh.

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