November 2006

November 2006

This Month‘s Special Highlights


We added to our portfolio:


Laser Goggles  

Special offer valid till 30 December 2006:

Unit Price at quantity:

10  380 NIS

3   430 NIS

2   500 NIS

1        600 NIS


1700 fps Camera with 1G-10G memory on board


Polarization Scramblers



Our existing suppliers announced:


New Cameras from

Infinity 1-6  6.6Mpx Fast Scientific Camera

Le-11059     11Mpx Security/Network Camera

Le-259          2Mpx Security/Network Camera


Image capture and processing Software from


Elliptical Diffuser from  as in

New Dual Wavelength lens from  as in


16 Bit Cooled Cameras from at a

Special Discount:

Camera prices Models all with

KODAK KAF-1602E, class 2 CCD sensor,

1536X1024 pixels 9X9um pixel size (specs as in downloadable Brochure):

– DX-1600E:    Euro   4.499

– EL-1600E     Euro   5.399

– CX-1600E:    Euro   6.999

(Not including Optional Power Supply and other options).


RTP Crystals from

Diffusion bonded Crystals from


Regular kit Cleaning/protecting liquid from

New / reduced price for a regular kit valid till 30/12/06: 600 NIS

New Price from 1/1/07: 700 NIS


Prices don’t include 15.5% VAT. Prices in $’s or Euros are FOB; Prices in NIS Shekels are DDP.


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