November 2012

November 2012

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Now available from IL Photonics

LWIR 8-12 cameras, with optional temperature software

5Kx5k pixel,


30 frames per second,


8 bit, camera.











ТеО2 (paratellurite, tellurium dioxide)


single crystals,


highest quality,


reasonable price.



MILK GLASS OPTICAL GRADE Super-white reference, now available


CLEARTRAN DOMES now available from IL Photonics



New IR Temperature sensor http:// with Evaluation Kit:

❂ Lasers

GiGa Optics: femto second Oscillators with GHz rep rate, more info to follow



From Princeton Optronics


688nm and 650nm VECSL arrays.

SLM 688nm 1mW VECSL



❂ Fibers


 Precision micro assemblies capabilities,


assembled with multi-mode fibers



❂ Spectroscopy


HASSP-THz is a time-domain THz transmission spectroscopy system with 1GHz spectral resolution

and a spectral coverage of more than 6THz for scientific applications.

The purged system has a peak dynamic range of greater than 60dB within only 1 minute of acquisition time.

Video-rate spectroscopy (28 spectra per second) is performed at approximately 30dB peak dynamic range.

❂ Other News


IL Photonics will exhibit at the 4th Oasis exhibition in Tel Aviv Feb 19th and 20th




 Penta-HT Optics



Advanced Plastic Optics Solutions

From our history in Philips High Tech Plastics we carry the knowledge and expertise on optical plastics molding.

Our job starts with the deep understanding of the customer’s needs.

This is the basis from which we depart.

Once we have this understanding we can organize it such that we are able to present the right solution to you.

This can be in the form of and advice, prototype, tool or a full program, including mass manufacturing.



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