October 2004

October 2004

Subject: IL Photonics Oct 04 newsletter


Dear Photonics Professionals


In September we added to our portfolio:


–                     High Performance Optics of www.optiquefichou.fr

–                     Plastic Optics from www.syntectechnologies.com


We made 30cm rulers.


Ask for your FREE unit by replying to this e-mail and writing in the subject field: “Send Ruler”.


Our existing suppliers announced


–                     A Road-Map on new camera series from www.lumenera.com

–                     Ar/Ar coatings on ZnSe

–                     High Power Diffractive Homogenizers from www.holoor.co.il

–                     A 40 Mb CD with many kind of coatings designs from www.iridian.ca


An updated product list has been attached for your reference.

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