October 2005

October 2005

Dear Photonics Professionals


In September


We added to our portfolio: 


        Pinholes from www.solution-tek.com 

        ZnSe, ZnS CaF2, Si, etc. Blanks/ingots

        PbS based spectrometer from 1100-3000nm

        Line CCD based detector (for ~$350)

        500 fps Mpixel camera

        Optical Isolator, Optical Switch, Patch cords, Circulators, Attenuators, Polarizers, AODM, Faraday Mirrors, etc 

        Solar cells and panels


Our existing suppliers announced:


        2Mpixel CCD camera LU-235 from www.lumenera.com

        Image registered Filter sets from www.chroma.com 

        A –27dBm InGaAs photo detector with op-amp and pigtailed with single mode fiber from www.gpd-ir.com 

        Sapphire based Homognizers from www.holoor.co.il as in Sapphire Homogenizers for 2.94um Lasers…

        Price reduction for Laser Diodes at QTY 1-FOB

0.5W 808nm TO3 at $29 

0.5W 975nm TO3 at $35 

1W 808nm TO3 at $65 

1W 975nm TO3 at $81 


        An updated product list has been attached for your referenceNew products are displayed in red.



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