October 2006

October 2006

Dear Photonics Professionals


In the past Month

We added to our portfolio:


–         Quartz Cuvettes starting at  ~$40

–         Fire wire cameras till 4Mpixels from www.dagemti.com (at IL Photonics 5% below the US list price)

–         Metal Mirrors for High power laser and UV applications

–         Beryllium windows

–         Heraeus Quartz glass Optics and blanks (including deep UV and IR grade Suprasil 300)


Our existing suppliers announced:


–         ITO coated optics

–         New presentation on use of Photonics cleaning.

–         New Electra Plus series Scientific Cameras 16 Bit USB, till 50X50mm chip and 4 Mpix/shttp://www.dta.it/products/cameras/Electraseries.html

–         AOTF Spectrometer

–         Photon counters with adjustable detection probability  as per http://www.idquantique.com/products/files/id201-specs.pdf


Please find the updated product list attached for your convenience.

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