October 2008

October 2008

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High Lights:



NIR Camera 900-1700nm www.vdsvossk.de  C

IR Camera 8-12um www.vdsvossk.de  C

Demo camera from www.secview.com.tw color/IR C

License Plate Recognition Camera from www.secview.com.tw C


A RAMAN 785nm complete system $23500 from www.controldevelopment.com  (datasheet attached), local reference available. Also available a 532nm system at $19950.S


Micro-RAMAN system from with 1um spot from www.optron.co,kr at $50000 S



www.penta-ht-optics.com now owns and makes the traditional plastic optical elements from www.philips.comOptics HTP standard list (one datasheet is attached). These are designed for Laser diode collimation and Imaging (Web-Cam/Mobile phone) applications. O


The GM of www.impex-hightech.de  and another Physicist of the company, will be visiting customers with us in Israel on Monday Nov 3rd + Tue Nov 4th. Please reply to this e-mail with in the subject line �visit Impex� if you wish us to consider to include a visit to your company. A selected list of their products is

Sapphire optics O

Laser Crystals O


Lasers � Light sources

Lasers Pulsed 355/532/1064/2940nm CW 532nm/1064nm http://new.impex-hightech.de/index.php?page=//laser.html  L


Abet- Solar Simulator wider offering in the new datasheet: http://www.abet-technologies.com/literature/SSBrochure81106.pdf and the launch of the Tracer software:


Tracer IV Measurement Software 


Tracer is a powerful and easy to use software solution for measuring solar cell devices. Besides standard solar cell parameters as short circuit current (Isc), open voltage (Voc), Fill Factor (FF), and Efficiency (eta), more detailed information is required. Tracer will allow the user to add a model of the solar cell material used, and it will fit the data to this model.  Using this method precise values for series resistance (Rs), shunt resistance (Rshunt), dark current (Io1, Io2) and ideality factor (n) can be obtained.


Tracer Demo version Download the limited demo version of our Tracer IV measurement Software. L




HV bench top Power supply Photonis, ideal for PMT in your LAB $1600 D



Featured company

www.illuminationtech.com L

Illumination Technologies is specialized in building dedicated LED based illumination solution.

In addition to that they offer a lot of standard LED and Halogen based solutions.

Standard Products 
Custom Solutions
About Us
Applications Lab
Application Help
Online Store
Your ‘One Stop Shop ‘ for superior Standard Products and expert Engineered Illumination Systems
Standard Lighting Components

Featuring a wide range of LED, Quartz Tungsten Halogen and Glass and Polymer Fiberoptic Technologies

Applications include Machine Vision, Biotechnology, Medical Device, CCD/CMOS Sensor Calibration, Stem Cell Incubation, Diagnostic Instrumentation

Engineered Systems

Lighting solutions using OptisWorks optical modeling software combined with SolidWorks 3D mechanical design

For OEM and Endusers in Surface Inspection, Instrumentation, Medical Diagnostics, Colorimetry, Sensor Calibration, Solar Simulation


If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don’t include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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