October 2012

October 2012


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Mass Spectrometry;


Environmental Isolation




❂ Cameras

IL Photonics is proud to offer the best service, support and prices fromwww.lumenera.com



Lt425 2048×2048 pixels 8bit 90fps -12bit 45 fps, 13e- Read noise, Global Shutter


Lt225 2048×1024 pixels 8bit 180fps – 12 bit 90 fps, 13e Read noise, Global Shutter


USB 3.0 cameras with CMOSIS chip are released by Lumenera.

orders can be placed now and ship in December


❂ Detectors

Fast detector




 High Speed, 210 pS rise time


 Large 12 mm active input diameter


 Low power, high voltage supply


 Flexible, modular configuration



❂ Lasers

New pricing available from http://www.crylas.de with price reductions and price increases.

Ask for an updated quote.


Crylas also added new laser products to its current offerings


MOPA Laser Systems

 Key features

·         very short pulses

·         external triggering

·         single pulse operation

·         excellent beam quality

·         high pulse-to-pulse stability

·         good output energy stability


High Pulse Energy

·         Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser 1064nm
MOPA 1064-650 

·         Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser 532nm
MOPA 532-250 

·         Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser 355nm
MOPA 355-200 

·         Diode pumped passively Q-switched solid state laser 266nm
MOPA 266-50 

High Average Power

·         Diode pumped Q-switched laser
at 266nm
MOPA 266-200 mW 

·         Diode pumped Q-switched laser
at 355nm
MOPA 355-500 mW 

·         Diode pumped Q-switched laser
at 532nm
MOPA 532-700 mW 

·         Diode pumped Q-switched laser
at 1064nm
MOPA 1064-2000 mW 


 Mass Spectrometry


 IMS analyzer platform

is an integrated compact assembly for simplified IMS analysis with

high resolving

power (64-150)





Fiber Probe


• Wavelength: 785 nm (or 532, 830 1064nm)

• Diameter: 3.75 mm

• Rigid probe tip length: 45 mm

• Overall length: 2 meters

• Working distance: 4.5 mm

• Depth of field: +/-2.0 mm

• Laser blocking: better than OD6

• Minimum Raman shift: 250 cm-1

• Excitation fiber: 100 μm core

• Collection fiber: 19 x 100 μm,

spot-to-line distribution

• Connectors: emission – FC;

collection – SMA

• Collection optics aperture: f/2







With over two decades of supplying instrument manufacturers and end-users with exceptional vibration,

acoustic and EMI isolation solutions. Herzan continues the tradition of never compromising high

performance with high value. Look for more info at the below links:


 Acoustic Isolation

 Active Vibration Isolation

 Passive Vibration Isolation

 Site Survey Analysis

 EMI Isolation

 Unique Customer Solutions

Desktop Vibration Isolation   Onyx

AVI 600 Active Isolation supporting SEM

TS Active Isolation Desktop Configuration


Faraday Cage

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