Optical Design Project Assistance Available

Optical Design Project Assistance Available

A company affiliated with IL Photonics is now available to assist you with your optical design engineering project.

Experience of this company includes:

  • Optical design (mainly with Oslo).
  • Vast design experience with equipment including:
    • Telescopes
    • Microscopes
    • Collimators
    • Etc.
  • Electro-optical system design  – where both the  opto-mechanics as well as the optical design and electronics are in house
  • Projects such as: color identification camera, scratch identification camera, active alignment jigs, test jigs
  • Customization of small scale production:  electro-optical jigs, tools, fixtures, as well as systems
  • Scale to mass manufacturing in both glass and plastic
  • Hands-on work , including failure analysis/correction/optimization of electro-optical systems
  • Scaling up of systems from prototype to mass production
  • Embedding electronics and plastic injection mechanics

For more information about this available expertise, contact IL Photonics.

09-Jan-2022 Blog, IL Photonics, Systems
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