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IL Photonics offers a full line of photonic, laser and optic equipment to the Israeli market. We facilitate the success of your project, product or research.  Click Our Products or Our Suppliers to quickly find what you need.


Our experienced staff provides prompt, high-quality, reliable technical assistance including: definition of specifications, recommendation of components, product integration, installation, trouble-shooting, maintenance and repairs.


We represent more than 50 renowned suppliers from around the world that produce quality, cutting-edge products and systems for academic, high tech, medical, industrial and military customers.

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Our customer-focused business approach of “Photonics with know how™” is to:

  • Understand the goals and specifications of your research/project/products
  • Evaluate your budget and other constraints
  • Recommend the most appropriate solutions from the suppliers appearing on our website, as well as other companies with whom we have relationships

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff of physics, optics and engineering professionals supports our products with prompt and high quality technical assistance to provide total customer satisfaction.

We look forward to speaking with you to understand your needs and provide customized solutions.

250Companies as Clients
5000Customers serviced
7Languages Supported
15Years of Activity

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IL Photonics May 21 Newsletter. https://t.co/DoSkANGoxA
h J R
@Holoor: The latest article by @Holoor on STED Simulation and Analysis by the Enhanced Geometrical Ray Tracing Method was published on Microscopy Today magazine by @MicroscopySoc and @CambridgeUP . Check it out https://t.co/ksqg9oWnHl https://t.co/le6GcjUI3b
h J R
@darkenuIL: שבוע מאז האסון הנוראי במירון ואף אחד לא נחקר. אף אחד לא נעצר. אין דין ואין דיין. 45 הרוגים. לא ניתן להם לטייח - הצטרפו לקריאה לועדת חקירה ממלכתית עכשיו: https://t.co/Q19nxlnCOB צילום: דוד כהן, פלאש 90 https://t.co/1JUMiCVoHb
h J R
@attilus 18:שרים זה יותר מדי. 21 זה שחיתות. 30 זה ניכור וטירןף מוחלט. התרגלת לשחיתות יותר מדי.
h J R

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