Starter Optics Kits Available from MegaWatt Lasers

Starter Optics Kits Available from MegaWatt Lasers

Customers of MegaWatt Lasers (MWL) have expressed interest in optical kits for the most common resonator setups. In response, MWL are happy to announce the release of a 1064-nm Nd:YAG Starter Optics Kit.

These kits are designed with an R&D focus and are all tested in house. All optics are 0.5” x 0.25” (12.7 mm x 6.35 mm) fused silica with a high damage threshold.

About MegaWatt Lasers

MegaWatt Lasers​​ provides solid-state laser consulting, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities. The company manufactures best-in-class laser pump chambers for a variety of applications covering all solid-state wavelengths. These pump chamber designs provide unsurpassed performance, reliability, and leak integrity to meet the demanding needs of your laser system design. Through many years of experience, they have optimized their pump chamber designs to provide features such as high efficiency diffuse reflectors and symmetric radial cooling. MegaWatt Lasers specializes in eye-safe laser technology. They maintain an inventory of standard​​ pump chambers for immediate delivery, while modular design allows for cost-effective, custom solutions.​​

Their products include:

For more information about products from MegaWatt Lasers, contact IL Photonics.

19-Mar-2023 Blog, MegaWatt Lasers, Optics
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