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Variable Density Materials Deliver Unmatched Isolation Performance

The technology behind Herzan’s acoustic enclosures was originally developed by Herz in Japan about twenty years ago. The AEK was made to provide an exceptionally quiet environment for sensitive research instruments. After studying Herz’s technology and production techniques, Ann Scanlan founded Herzan and brought the AEK concept to America. Herzan continues to develop and refine the AEK design. Over the past fifteen … Continue reading

26-Nov-2021 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Isolation Systems for Unique Instruments

The field of precision research has expanded exponentially over the past century. With that expansion has come a high degree of specialization among researchers. Scientists now can spend years probing one very specific question within a particular niche of their field. Due to this high degree of specificity, researchers will often need to design and build their own … Continue reading

11-Nov-2021 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Calibration of Microbalances

Balances and scales have been in use for over four thousand years. These instruments have proven invaluable for commercial transactions to determine the weight of a material for sale. Microbalances operate at a very high level of precision. They can display weight readings down to microgram levels or, in the case of quartz crystal microbalances, … Continue reading

20-Oct-2021 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Herzan Maximizes Data Quality from SEMs and TEMs

Herzan’s mission is to help researchers maximize the quality of data collected by their instrumentation. To achieve this goal, Herzan designs research-grade environmental solutions to isolate acoustic, vibration (active and passive), and EMI noise under any ambient lab conditions. Herzan’s solutions focus on three critical areas: Unmatched isolation performance Application-tailored design Premium production quality These … Continue reading

22-Dec-2020 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Optimizing the Performance of Herzan’s WaveCatcher

Herzan developed and refined the WaveCatcher site survey tool to deliver comprehensive environmental data in a compact, user-friendly package. Created to be accessible and easily understood by any user, the WaveCatcher delivers precisely measured environmental data with a push of a button. Utilizing configurable software features and robust hardware options, the WaveCatcher is able to acquire complex and comprehensive … Continue reading

24-Nov-2020 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics

Optimizing Herzan AVI Platforms

Herzan’s technical team presents the steps for optimizing AVI platform installations: Ensure isolators maintain solid contact between the floor and instrument After installation, connect isolator end plates to shield the sensitive sensors from air currents Properly manage cabling to prevent parasitic vibrations The AVI Series is a modular, low profile, active vibration isolation platform achieving sub-hertz … Continue reading

17-Nov-2020 Blog, Herzan, Optomechanics
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