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Isotope Gas Mixtures for CO2/CO Lasers

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission lines suitable for laser operation span the 9.2 to 10.8 µm wavelength range. Combinations of carbon and oxygen isotopes yield another 17 molecular species – including the popular 12C18O2 and 13C16O2 configurations. With up to 80 lines for each species, these isotopic molecules fill the spectral gaps of the others and … Continue reading

08-Aug-2022 Access Laser, Blog, Lasers

AL50 Q-Switched CO2 Laser

Whether ablating, cutting, perforating or marking, the highest precision in micro-material processing starts with the right beam source. The Access Laser AL50Q is a compact RF-excited, INVAR-stabilized, fully sealed CO2 waveguide laser that is Q-switched with an acoustic-optical modulator (AOM). This results in outstanding pulse characteristics with high peak powers of 2.5 kW, 200 ns … Continue reading

29-May-2022 Access Laser, Blog, Lasers

Single Crystal Growth with CO2 Laser-Heated Floating-Zone

By the 1970s, the telecommunications industry was increasingly interested in growing single crystal oxides of small-diameter and high-purity due to their advantageous material properties for fiber optical applications. The floating zone technique was the preferred choice, but could not be applied due to inefficient RF heating of the oxides. A solution to this problem was presented … Continue reading

15-Dec-2021 Access Laser, Blog, Lasers
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