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Quantum Cyber Security for Satellites

In a connected society, the sharing of potentially sensitive data across private and public network infrastructure is part of everyday life. This activity is not without risk. As networks become increasingly sophisticated, they become more difficult to secure. At the same time, threat actors are devising more advanced and persistent cyberattacks, challenging the very fabric … Continue reading

March 20, 2023 Blog, ID Quantique, Security

Webinar: Quantum Cyber Security Applied to Telecommunications

With the growing threats on telecommunications systems, how can we be sure communications, apps and services are secure? Quantum-enhanced cyber security in telecommunications, equipment and phones is now a mainstream solution to ensure trusted and secured communications. In this webinar, Thomas Stengel, QRNG Biz Dev at ID Quantique, will introduce IDQ’s quantum cyber security solutions … Continue reading

September 5, 2022 Blog, ID Quantique, Security
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