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LD-Pumped All-Solid-State Laser

This CNI all-solid-state CW laser features high output power stability, good beam profile, ultra-compact size, wide operating temperature range, good sealing, long lifetime, cost-effectiveness and easy operating. The device works under the pressure of 0.02 kPa. This laser is ideally suited for applications such as collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiments, optical instruments, laser displays, … Continue reading

06-Jul-2023 Blog, CNI Optoelectronics Tech, Lasers

Repair Pixel Errors with IDOL Laser

The IDOL 671-447 is Xiton Photonic’s top selling product for Flat Panel Display (FPD) repair. High laser power densities at 671 nm (red) and 447 nm (blue), based on the fundamental wavelength 1342nm, can be used to carbonize Everbright pixel errors selectively. The system grants long life times in continuous 24/7 industrial use. The IDOL … Continue reading

17-May-2023 Blog, Lasers, Xiton Photonics

SLM 532 Laser Ideal for HSLR

The 532-nm single frequency emission of the SLM 532 laser from Xiton Photonics is the well suited choice for High Spectral Resolution LiDAR (HSLR), based on iodine-absorption filters. This special LiDAR method enables the detailed quantification of molecular backscattering of aerosols in the atmosphere. It can be a valued building block for improved weather and … Continue reading

08-May-2023 Blog, Lasers, Xiton Photonics
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