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EL/PL/DLIT Solar Cell Testing with LumiSolarCell

At VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.​, one of their visions is to develop novel energy harvesting solutions with the help of flexible, lightweight organic or perovskite photovoltaics (PV). Then integrate these PV materials with other components, such as energy storage systems, sensors with Bluetooth, or near-field communication features. The easy processing of these materials … Continue reading

29-Jul-2020 Blog, greateyes, Inspection Systems, Systems

EL Inspection Systems Find Breaks in Photovoltaic Modules

Researchers are utilizing greateyes’s high performance electroluminescence (EL) inspection systems to study degradation of solar cells and modules under thermal stress. They want to find breaks in photovoltaic modules. A new publication from Subinoy Roy and Prof. Rajesh Gupta of the Department of Energy Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay Indian Institute of Technology, entitled “Investigation … Continue reading

24-Jun-2019 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, greateyes, Inspection Systems, Systems
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