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Fiber Optics in Very High Magnetic Fields

Protection from exposure to high magnetic field requires non-magnetic materials. By jacketing the fiberoptic cable in non-metallic materials, and by constructing the sensor tip from non-metallic or non-magnetic materials, PHILTEC sensors can be configured to perform measurements in very high magnetic fields. Successful applications to 12 Tesla have been made. PHILTEC recently delivered this sensor: … Continue reading

May 26, 2020 Blog, Fiber Optics, PHILTEC

Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor for Vacuum and High Magnetic Field

Problem Quartz fibers have excellent transmission over long lengths, but they are very expensive, so usually cost prohibitive. A customer recently asked for a model D171 sensor with 45-meter length for displacement measurements in vacuum and high magnetic field. Solution PHILTEC devised a 3-piece cost saving system, where only 10% of the model D171 probe … Continue reading

February 19, 2020 Blog, Detectors, Fiber Optics, PHILTEC
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