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Lasers in the Defense Industry

Are you fascinated by the power of lasers and their potential in the defense industry? High-power lasers are the heart of many defense systems, including interception systems, ignition systems, range finders, designators, and directed energy applications. Designing these systems requires a keen understanding of the needed accuracy and precision. Laser tolerances must align with beam … Continue reading

28-May-2024 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

Repair Pixel Errors with IDOL Laser

The IDOL 671-447 is Xiton Photonic’s top selling product for Flat Panel Display (FPD) repair. High laser power densities at 671 nm (red) and 447 nm (blue), based on the fundamental wavelength 1342nm, can be used to carbonize Everbright pixel errors selectively. The system grants long life times in continuous 24/7 industrial use. The IDOL … Continue reading

17-May-2023 Blog, Lasers, Xiton Photonics
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