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Ensuring 24/7 Electrical Service

With more than 100 million kilometers of power lines across the world and an increased dependency on energy supply, most countries are now facing the complex challenge of ensuring the continuity of electric service. It is critical for sensitive sites such as hospitals, nuclear plants, and industrial factories to avoid any breakdowns, even if some of these places … Continue reading

18-Aug-2022 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis

Photonis Launches Cricket2 and iNocturn Camera

Photonis is launching the CricketTM2 Advanced Image Intensifier Adapter, and the iNocturn High QE Image Intensifier Camera. As a market leader in designing and implementing a diverse array of patented detector technology, the company leverages its 40+ years of experience and expertise and its international team of specialists to provide unmatched image intensifier solutions. Cricket² Advanced … Continue reading

07-Feb-2022 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis

Device-ALab Company Joins the Photonis Group

The French company Device-ALab, a company specializing in infrared camera cores, joined the Photonis group on Friday March 5th. Device-ALab’s know-how includes infrared imaging, very high speed data conversion, analog sensor electronics, interfaces and communication protocols in imaging. The markets and applications using Device-ALab technology are as varied as the markets where Photonis has a … Continue reading

05-Apr-2021 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis

16 mm Image Intensifier Tubes Reduce System Weight and Size

Photonis is the only mass-producer of the 16-mm image intensifier tube. These tubes are 40% smaller and lighter than standard 18-mm tubes, allowing for a significant reduction in system weight and size. Benefits of the Image Intensifier Tube 4G include: Best Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) range Ultra-fast auto-gating Smallest halo Spectral range from 400 … Continue reading

23-Sep-2020 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis
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