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SWIR InGaAs Cameras from ARTRAY

All cameras feature: Wavelength: 400 – 1700 nm Pixel size: 5 x 5 µm Interface: USB Exposure time: 20.3 µs – 2 s Shutter: Global shutter A/D resolution: 12 bit Lens mount: C-Mount Features that vary for different models (compare specifications for the different models): SWIR sensor: SONY IMX990-AABA-C / IMX990-AABJ-C / IMX991-AABA-C / IMX991-AABJ-C … Continue reading

13-Aug-2023 ARTRAY, Blog, Cameras and Imaging

Which Detection Filters Are Used for IR Sensing Applications?

IR sensing technology harnesses the power of infrared radiation (which is invisible to the human eye) for various scientific and industrial applications. This technology leverages specially designed IR sensors and filters to detect energy levels and monitor changes in the surrounding environment. The utility of IR sensing spans thermal imaging, environmental monitoring, industrial process control, … Continue reading

06-Jun-2023 Blog, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Optics

How Do Infrared Sensing Optics Work?

Infrared (IR) sensing uses infrared-sensitive optical components to detect light in the IR region of the electromagnetic spectrum. IR sensing is now widely used in motion detection, machine vision, industrial automation, agriculture, and medical applications as it allows for the visualization of complementary information to visible imaging approaches. For example, infrared machine vision applications can be … Continue reading

17-Apr-2023 Blog, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Optics
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