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Easy-to-Use, Integrated, Laser-Based Motion Control Solution for Machine OEMs

Polaris Motion has designed the Polaris Motion Control system to ensure an easy installation, without sacrificing configurability and high performance. This system comprises powerful hardware with feature-rich software. This ecosystem also enables integration of your favorite servomotors, encoders and other peripherals into a final machine tool product with smart motion control features. Beyond easy machine … Continue reading

16-Feb-2022 Blog, Motion Control, Polaris Motion

Accurate Control of Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Workstations

Ron Mundt is the president of Mundt & Associates, a specialty OEM manufacturer of high-precision laser workstations based in Scottsdale, Arizona that sells all over the world. Besides extreme accuracy, Mundt’s laser workstations have developed a reputation for improving productivity by combining ease of use with a comprehensive toolbox of features. “Mundt provides laser workstations to … Continue reading

27-May-2021 Blog, Motion Control, Polaris Motion

Line Tracker Provides Industry-Leading Laser Power Stability

For many applications power stability is the critical performance factor which will determine the quality of outcomes. Access Laser has developed their Line Tracker feature to provide industry leading average power stability of less than +/- 1%. The unique Line Tracker software-controlled optical feedback loop enables industry-leading power stability and, for shorter models, wavelength selection. … Continue reading

20-Apr-2021 Access Laser, Blog, Lasers

Light Conversion Unveils New Universal Laser Control Platform

Light Conversion is excited to announce a new universal laser control platform for all Light Conversion lasers. This platform includes a laser user app — a unified way to control all lasers manufactured by Light Conversion. The platform enables better integration with industry 4.0 preventative diagnostics and easier cross-platform system integration into various industrial equipment. … Continue reading

11-Jul-2019 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion
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