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The Role of DOEs in Laser Aesthetic Treatments

The field of laser medical aesthetic applications has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years, offering transformative solutions for skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, and blemish treatment. Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) have emerged as crucial components in shaping and manipulating laser light, driving these advancements. This article delves into DOE medical applications, with a particular focus on … Continue reading

23-Jul-2023 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

Laser Skin Treatment with a Diffractive Element

The use of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) in aesthetic laser treatments is well established in procedures such as fractional skin treatment and tattoo removal. A diffractive element is a flat and compact passive component that has no angular tolerances, making it ideal for integration into aesthetic laser systems. Diffractive optics have many advantages over the alternatives, including … Continue reading

31-Jan-2021 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

DOEs for Fractional Laser Aesthetic Treatments

Background: Laser fractional treatment Fractional laser aesthetic treatments are a family of laser processes conducted with Energy- Based Devices (EBDs) that rejuvenate the skin by careful, controlled application of laser energy over thousands of individual spots, often called micro-thermal treatments zones. To achieve this pattern of spots on the skin, the laser energy needs to … Continue reading

07-Jan-2021 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics
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