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Custom Sputter-Coated Filters in Machine Vision Applications

In an article, Chroma Technology’s principle product engineer, John Atkinson, explains in depth how sputter-coated interference filters are transforming machine vision applications. With the correct custom solution, optical filters boost contrast and enable an imaging system to acquire more information, more efficiently, and at a lower overall system cost. Here is the abstract of the … Continue reading

12-Oct-2023 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics

Machine Vision Optical Filters for the Automation Industry

Chroma Technology produces Machine Vision, thin-film interference filters, with extremely durable sputtered coatings in various form factors and sizes that work in a variety of applications. These optical filters for automated vision applications, such as machine vision and robotic guidance, can provide greater contrast over a wide range of viewing angles by detecting the signal … Continue reading

28-May-2023 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics

Webinar Discussing Optical Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging

Join Principle Engineer John Atkinson of Chroma Technology as he demonstrates the immense, practical value of optical filters in providing a more cost-effective solution in machine vision systems to hyperspectral imaging. In Chroma’s webinar entitled, “Multispectral SWIR Analysis: Choosing the right solution and appropriate filters,” John covers such topics as: Utilizing optical filters in the … Continue reading

09-Sep-2022 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics
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