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Improved Lifetime and Performance for your Mass Spectrometer

The performance of your mass spectrometer is often limited by the capabilities of the detector. Photonis developed an electron multiplier family called the MAGNUMTM, which provides significantly improved performance by increasing linear output current, reducing noise, and increasing detector life. The MAGNUMTM Electron Multiplier consists of six helical multiplier channels tightly wound about a central … Continue reading

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Nearly Half the Mass Spectrometers Use Photonis Detectors

Laboraties worldwide use Photonis’s highly sensitive and accurate detectors for both positive and negative ions. As the market leader in mass spectrometry, Photonis designs and manufactures highly specialized detection and ion transport solutions for nearly half of the world’s mass spectrometers. In addition to supplying the OEMs with our detectors, Photonis provides replacement parts for … Continue reading

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