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A Quick Look into Micromachining

Have you ever wondered how small 1–500 µm is? To give you a better idea, the average width of a single human hair ranges from 10–200 µm. That’s a VERY small diameter. Now imagine a laser process technology that can make tiny features that width. This process is known as micromachining, an advanced technology that … Continue reading

22-Jun-2022 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

Holo/Or DOE Contributes to World Speed Record

HiLASE Centre scientists have broken the world record in the speed production of laser-induced periodic nanostructures on a stainless steel surface. The HiLASE Centre is a part of the Institute of Physics of the CAS. The Laser Micromachining team led by Peter Hauschwitz, applied a concept of multi-beam processing of record speed of 1909 cm2/min … Continue reading

30-Nov-2021 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

GHz/MHz Femtosecond Burst for Enhanced Material Processing

Femtosecond lasers are highly versatile tools that enable unique material processing capabilities. Due to the high precision offered by ultrashort pulse micromachining, femtosecond laser systems are applied in both industrial and scientific fields. To accompany the needs of the industry, a trend towards high average power (>100 W) femtosecond laser systems for micromachining has recently become apparent. … Continue reading

02-Sep-2021 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion

Diffractive Optical Beam Splitters for Laser Multi-Beam Processing

Background: What is a diffractive beam splitter? Diffractive beam splitters, or multi-spot elements, are a family of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) that split an incoming laser beam into an array of beams with controlled separation angles. This splitting can be along a line (1-D splitters) or into a matrix (2-D splitter), including square, hexagonal or rectangular array … Continue reading

19-Mar-2021 Blog, Holo/Or, Optics

CO2 Laser-Heated Silica Manipulation

The high absorption of infrared light in silica is an established trait that has seen longwave infrared lasers operating at 10.6 µm and 9.3 µm, implemented for a variety of applications over the years. In this article, we will look at three such use cases: laser damage growth mitigation, manufacturing of freeform micro-optics, and fiber … Continue reading

21-Dec-2020 Access Laser, Blog, Lasers
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