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Ion, Electron and Photon Detection plus Imaging Solutions

Enabling technological breakthroughs with innovative imaging and detection solutions, precise instrumentation is a key requirement to measuring and analyzing complex or unknown physical phenomena. Over the last century, many research projects have aimed at better understanding the infinitely small at imperceptible scale. Whether the application requires ion, electron or photon detection, Photonis has the right … Continue reading

10-Jan-2023 Blog, Detectors, Photonis

How an MCP Works

For over thirty years, Photonis (formerly Philips Photonics, Galileo and Burle) has consistently set the standard in electron multipliers and related products. Today, an extensive R&D program coupled with unsurpassed expertise in microchannel plate (MCP) technology continues to deliver a succession of product and process improvements that push aside previous technology limits. This expertise is … Continue reading

06-May-2020 Blog, MCPs, Photonis
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