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Laser Line Mirrors with an L/10 Surface Flatness

Manx Precision Optics (MPO) can provide laser line mirrors with an L/10 surface flatness. Their standard laser line mirror products include: Laser Line Mirrors 0° Incidence Laser Line Mirrors 45° Incidence Specifications for both types of components include: UV Fused Silica Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.25mm Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.25mm Front surface: λ/10 flatness, 10-5 scratch-dig Rear surface: … Continue reading

25-Jan-2022 Blog, Manx Precision Optics (MPO), Optics

UltraFlat Dichroics for Distortion-Free Reflection

UltraFlat Dichroics from Chroma Technology provide superior surface flatness for distortion-free reflection. Dichroic beamsplitters (mirrors) are used as light guiding optics that reflect a specified range(s) of wavelengths and transmit a different specified range(s) of wavelengths at a specified AOI, typically 45 degrees. Most of Chroma’s catalog dichroics are intended for use at 45 degrees AOI. … Continue reading

12-Jan-2021 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics

Ultrafast Mirrors for Femtosecond Pulse Lasers

Manx Precision Optics (MPO) has released a new white paper discussing ultrafast mirrors for femtosecond laser systems. To read this paper, entitled “Ultrafast mirrors for femtosecond pulse duration laser systems,” click here. Ultrafast systems require low group delay dispersion (GDD) components to access and maintain femtosecond pulse durations. To request more information or a quotation … Continue reading

16-Nov-2020 Blog, Manx Precision Optics (MPO), Optics
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