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A Quantum Microscope That Records the Flow of Light

Prof. Ido Kaminer and team have made a dramatic breakthrough in the field of quantum science: a quantum microscope that records the flow of light, enabling the direct observation of light trapped inside a photonic crystal. Their research, “Coherent Interaction between Free Electrons and a Photonic Cavity,” was published in Nature. All the experiments were performed … Continue reading

07-Jun-2020 Blog, Lasers

Advancements in Nanophotonics based on van der Waals Materials

A recent paper in nature communications by Kim et. al. (2018), entitled “Photonic crystal cavities from hexagonal boron nitride” examines the development of a scalable quantum photonic technique. This technique utilises hexagonal boron nitride as a platform, while creating an advancement in nanophotonics based on van der Waals materials. The experimental setup uses the gem 532 … Continue reading

15-Apr-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers
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