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Elevating Reactor Monitoring: Fission Chambers for Ex-Core Use

Discover Photonis fission chambers for ex-core use, specially crafted for applications in the most challenging environmental conditions outside the reactor vessel of nuclear power plants. These fission chambers stand resilient in severe conditions, operating with precision in environments where others falter. Designed for thermal neutron detection, these detectors provide invaluable indications across a remarkable 11 … Continue reading

16-May-2024 Blog, Detectors, Photonis

Enhancing Nuclear Safety with Neutron Counters

Boron-Lined Proportional Counters (CPNB) from Photonis measure neutron radiation in a wide range of nuclear reactors and neutron source applications where reliability and safety is paramount. These counters can operate at temperatures of up to 200°C. Features of the Boron-Lined Proportional Counters include: Detection of thermal neutrons in pulse mode Exceptional safety features Fast counting … Continue reading

31-Dec-2023 Blog, Detectors, Photonis
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