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Chroma’s Filters Enable Groundbreaking Research

Two recently published papers detailing groundbreaking biological research, which used Chroma components in the experimental setup. The first paper is entitled, “Dynamic conformational changes of a tardigrade group-3 late embryogenesis abundant protein modulate membrane biophysical properties.” The cells were photographed using RFP filters and GFP filters from Chroma Technology, The second paper is called, “Detection … Continue reading

23-Feb-2024 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics

How Gain Flattening Filters Optimize EDFA Module Design

In optical communications, Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) are pivotal for their amplification capabilities. However, non-uniform gain profiles often limit their performance across desired wavelength ranges. This limitation can be addressed by integrating Gain Flattening Filters (GFFs). GFFs are instrumental in optimizing the design of EDFAs. They can make sure that there is a uniform gain … Continue reading

22-Feb-2024 Blog, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Optics

Using DNA-PAINT Super-Resolution Microscopy

A recently published paper discusses how DNA-PAINT super-resolution microscopy is used in research involving spore-forming bacteria. The paper is entitled, “Comparing divisome organization between vegetative and sporulating Bacillus subtilis at the nanoscale using DNA-PAINT.“ Three filters from Chroma Technology are included in the microscope setup. The paper’s Abstract and portions of the Setup section follow. Abstract Spore-forming … Continue reading

06-Feb-2024 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics

Biomedical Applications Using Raman Systems

Interested in how Raman systems can be used in biomedical applications? While Raman spectroscopy has long been useful in pharmaceutical analysis and the identification of hazardous materials, the technology’s usefulness in biomedicine has also been expanding due to less bulky, miniaturized instrumentation. Its inherent capability to distinguish molecular composition is being integrated into specialized diagnostics, in applications … Continue reading

24-Jan-2024 Blog, Iridian Spectral Technologies, Optics

Free Resource for Microscopy Students and Researchers

Chroma Technology is providing a free resource for microscopy students/researchers. Download the “Handbook of Optical Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy” to get the definitive resource for understanding optical filters. This is a complete guide to help you in your studies and research. Download this oft-cited work now (no login or email required). About Chroma Technology Chroma … Continue reading

05-Dec-2023 Blog, Chroma Technology, Optics
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