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Redefining Single-Photon Detection Technology

Photonis single-photon-detection solutions are based on vacuum-tube detector technology. This technology combines high detection efficiency (QE) with an extremely low amount of dark counts (dark noise). After pulsing, the phenomenon in which a detector generates a pulse after it already has detected a photon is minimal, and dead time is non-existent. Photonis’s patented high-end microchannel … Continue reading

04-Jul-2023 Blog, Detectors, Photonis

The Power of Entanglement

Entanglement is as wondrous as it is useful. It describes systems where—counter to our everyday intuition of probability—the full state cannot be described as a product of its constituents, and the measurement of one portion of an entangled ensemble will affect the other parts instantaneously, regardless of the separation in space and time. Together with … Continue reading

31-Jul-2022 Blog, Detectors, ID Quantique

Detecting Hot Spots with a Light Touch

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) is a great technology for monitoring temperature profiles in structures sensitive to material bulk and/or electrical fields, such as aircraft wings or high-energy particle detectors. Read the results of this latest collaboration between ID Quantique (IDQ) and HEPIA, a photon-counting Raman-based OTDR scheme. In this work, an arrangement of ultra-precise ID281 … Continue reading

30-Mar-2022 Blog, Detectors, ID Quantique

How to Webinar: Quantum Optics and Correlation Function Measurements

In this workshop, Martin Felle from ID Quantique looks at the second- and third-order correlation functions of Quantum Optics, and how to measure them. Whether characterizing purity of your photonic number states for QKD, implementing Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometry for quantum imaging, carrying out photonic Bell state measurements in a quantum relay, correlation function measurements are a … Continue reading

13-Dec-2021 Blog, Detectors, ID Quantique
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