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ID Quantique Launches Clarion KX

Introducing Clarion KX, ID Quantique’s (IDQ) quantum key exchange software platform. This platform enables a seamless future-proofing of the network security for enterprises. Clarion KX also enables telco operators to offer new quantum-safe services that provide long-term security of data in transit for their valued B-to-B customers and users. As “Harvest Now, Decrypt Later” (HNDL) … Continue reading

07-Apr-2024 Blog, ID Quantique, Security

Feasibility of UK-Ireland Underwater Quantum Communications

In an important step towards practical quantum networks over existing telecommunications infrastructure, a research team has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of a 224-km undersea cable for quantum communications. The cable, owned and operated by bandwidth infrastructure provider euNetworks, runs between Ireland and the UK under the Irish Sea. The researchers performed a series of experiments … Continue reading

08-Nov-2023 Blog, ID Quantique, Security

ID Quantique Joins EAGLE-1, Europe’s QKD Initiative

ID Quantique (IDQ), the leader in quantum-safe security solutions, is proud to announce its participation in the EAGLE-1 initiative. EAGLE-1 is a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system integrating both space and ground segments that will deliver secure transmission of encryption keys across geographically dispersed areas. This system demonstrates the connection from space of EU’s national … Continue reading

22-Jun-2023 Blog, ID Quantique, Security
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