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New Bell-Spectrum SLD Portfolio from Superlum Diodes

Superlum Diodes announce an update for their bell-spectrum SLD portfolio in the wavelength range of 840 nm. These modules were formerly known as SLD-381. The new standard P/Ns are S840.25.12/20, S840.25.30, and S840.50.10/15. These modules cover the entire range of parameters previously available with SLD-381 at 840 nm. Superlum have significantly improved the price-quality ratio for … Continue reading

17-Jul-2023 Blog, Light Sources, Superlum Diodes

New 100 mW OEM MOPA SLDs at 850 nm

Superlum Diodes introduces 100 mW SLD-based light sources at 850 nm. This new MOPA-SLD-850-P100W12 is an SLD-based light source, providing 100 mW PM fiber output power with a smooth, very low-ripple, 12-nm-wide spectrum around an 850 nm center. Its 100 mW output power is at least two times higher than that of any other commercially available fiber-coupled SLD around 850 nm. … Continue reading

25-Sep-2022 Blog, Light Sources, Superlum Diodes

Superlum Introduces BLL Light Source

This year Superlum introduces the new SLD-based devices: the BLL. This cost-efficient and ultra-compact super-luminescent diode (SLD), fiber-coupled light source is primarily designed for mounting on PCB boards. The BLL light source allows various options to control the optical output: by the pushbutton on the case, by logic signals via the 12-pin connector, or from … Continue reading

09-Dec-2021 Blog, Light Sources, Superlum Diodes
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