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Applications of TFPs

A Thin Film Polarizer (TFP) is a versatile optical component that finds application in various fields such as telecommunications, biomedical imaging, and analytical instrumentation. In the field of telecommunications, TFPs are used to control the polarization of light in optical communication systems. By separating polarizations, TFPs help to reduce signal loss in long fibers and … Continue reading

25-May-2023 Blog, CRYSTECH, Optics

What are Thin Film Polarizers?

In the world of electronics, polarizers are crucial components that allow for efficient and high-quality displays. Thin Film Polarizers (TFPs), in particular, are widely used in LCD screens to enhance their brightness, contrast, and color accuracy. A TFP is a type of polarizing filter composed of multiple layers of thin film materials. By vibrating in … Continue reading

10-May-2023 Blog, CRYSTECH, Optics
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