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Detecting Hot Spots with a Light Touch

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) is a great technology for monitoring temperature profiles in structures sensitive to material bulk and/or electrical fields, such as aircraft wings or high-energy particle detectors. Read the results of this latest collaboration between ID Quantique (IDQ) and HEPIA, a photon-counting Raman-based OTDR scheme. In this work, an arrangement of ultra-precise ID281 … Continue reading

30-Mar-2022 Blog, Detectors, ID Quantique

ID Quantique Launches the ID1000 Time Controller Series

ID Quantique’s (IDQ) introduces the new ID1000 Time Controller Series, a unifying force for single-photon experiments and applications. This is the latest addition to IDQ’s Photonic Quantum Sensing range of products. Count more, post-process less, and react faster to single-photon experiments, with this all-in-one, time-tagging, coincidence-correlation and delay/pulse generation system. IDQ’s range of Swiss-made, quantum, … Continue reading

02-Feb-2022 Blog, Electronics, ID Quantique
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