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Presenting the Photoelectric-Integrated MDL-XL Laser Module

CNI Optoelectronics (CNI) introduces the photoelectric-integrated MDL-XL laser series. The features are designed to ensure easy integration, high reliability, adjustable focus, good environmental adaptability, and more. The user simply needs to provide a digital modulation signal to synchronize the enable time and disable time of the laser emission. The MDL-XL series module provides stable performance … Continue reading

07-Mar-2022 Blog, CNI Optoelectronics Tech, Lasers

Compact & Stable Femtosecond Source for Multiphoton Imaging

Positive GDD compensation in wavelength-tunable optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) exploit the negative nonlinearities for the first time. The results pave the way for a compact and stable femtosecond source for multiphoton imaging applications. Prof. Mikas Vengris, and Ignas Stasevičius at Light Conversion have recently published a paper entitled “Exploiting optical nonlinearities for group delay dispersion … Continue reading

02-Oct-2020 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion

Tunable BiBurst for CARBIDE CB3 Laser Now Available

Now the CARBIDE CB3 laser available from Light Conversion has an option for tunable GHz and MHz burst with burst-in-burst capability — called BiBurst. The distance between burst packet groups is called the nanosecond burst (N).  The picosecond burst (P) is the distance between sub-pulses in the group. The image below illustrates the difference between the single pulse mode and … Continue reading

10-Feb-2020 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion
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