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Enabling Life Science Breakthroughs Using Single Photon Technologies

Life Science demands detection and imaging capabilities, not only to analyze tissue health, but also to control the ingredients in medicine. Photonis’s innovative cameras are the solution to the most complex detection challenges of the scientific community involved in ultra-low light imaging. Different techniques have been used for a long time. New techniques, such as … Continue reading

14-Mar-2023 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis

Explore New Depths in Microscopy with CRONUS

Building on over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing femtosecond lasers and wavelength-tunable sources, Light Conversion has recently introduced CRONUS-2P and CRONUS-3P microscopy-dedicated femtosecond laser sources covering applications in functional neuroimaging, optogenetics, and deep imaging using medium-repetition-rate, three-photon excitation and fast high-repetition-rate, two-photon imaging. CRONUS-3P provides μJ-level pulses down to 50 fs at … Continue reading

26-Jan-2022 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion

Nanosecond Timestamping for Single-Photon-Counting Images

The Mantis3 is a single-photon-counting camera with nanosecond timestamping. The Mantis³ consists of a Timepix3-based visible light camera coupled to a Photonis CricketTM, which contains a high-end image intensifier. The TPX3Cam (produced by Amsterdam Scientific Instruments) is a high-rate, event-driven, timestamping camera. The attached CricketTM image intensifier enables single-photon sensitivity and offers a choice of … Continue reading

05-Mar-2020 Blog, Cameras and Imaging, Photonis

Watch Laser Quantum’s Two-Photon Microscopy Video

Achieving high resolution and increasing imaging speeds are two critical factors for effective two-photon microscopy. Laser Quantum’s newest animation demonstrates how the helixx laser, with a repetition rate of 250 MHz, is tailored to the decay times of typical fluorophores. This important feature reduces photobleaching and toxicity, while increasing imaging speed and cell view times. … Continue reading

17-Nov-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

Enhancing Two-Photon Microscopy

Two-photon microscopy has many advantages over conventional microscopy including: minimal photo-bleaching effect and sample damage, higher imaging depth of live cells, higher excitation efficiency, and simultaneous excitation of multiple fluorophores with the promotion of autofluorescence. Ultrashort (<10 fs) pulses enhance the two-photon microscopy technique. The peak power for a given average output is much higher … Continue reading

13-Nov-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

Laser Quantum’s Suite of venteon Lasers

The venteon ultrafast laser range is based around short pulse generation and designed to meet individual needs. Laser Quantum works directly with your engineers to optimise venteon lasers for power, bandwidth and CEP stabilisation. The venteon meets a range of applications from few-cycle pulse generation and attosecond science to two-photon microscopy. All these applications require … Continue reading

11-Nov-2019 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers
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