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Third Year in a Row: Honored in LFW Innovators Awards 2022

Laser Focus World (LFW) Innovators Awards 2022 has announced HARPIA-TG transient grating spectrometer and PHAROS-UP femtosecond laser among the best innovations of the year by gold and silver medals, respectively. The honorees were selected by an esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community. HARPIA-TG HARPIA-TG transient grating spectrometer was announced as the … Continue reading

September 6, 2022 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion, Spectroscopy

What are Ultrafast Lasers?

Ultrafast lasers produce extremely short pulses of light; usually on the order of pico- or femtoseconds. Relying on techniques such as mode locking to create a train of pulses, ultrafast lasers owe their recent success to relatively new developments in photonics. These advancements in laser technology enable the production of pulses ranging between a few … Continue reading

July 3, 2022 Blog, Laser Quantum, Lasers

High Precision Processing of Flexible or Thick Glass

Processing (cutting or micro-structuring) tempered or non-tempered, flexible or thick glass with high precision can be a challenging task. Mesh glass wafers and wafers for wafer-level-packaging (WLP) require various shapes of through-holes with high aspect ratio channels in the same wafer. Femtosecond lasers are perfect for both selective laser etching (SLE) and 5-axis drilling heads. … Continue reading

May 10, 2022 Blog, Lasers, Light Conversion